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He’s the hottest talent in the cricketing world today. Hailed as the next Ian Botham, Andrew ‘Freddie’ Flintoff is a truly phenomenal cricketer. Adored by the fans and an inspiration to his team-mates, it is said that when Freddie’s playing, the bar staff get a break as the punters leave the bars to watch him […]

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Since 2003 the Wisden Cricketer has run a monthly feature called ‘Eyewitness’. Each article takes a seminal moment in the history of cricket and invites the key protagonists to reminisce about it, relive it and reflect. Now for the first time the very best of ‘Eyewitness’ has been collected in one volume. The result is […]

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Sachin Tendulkar is one of the greatest batmen in the world. Leander Paes ans Mahesh Bupathi, the duo who took indian tennis to new heights Narain Karthi keyan, the fastest man behind the wheels Chitanjeev Milkha Singh, India’s best golfer Baihaichung Bhutia, a pioneer of India football etc…Filled with details of the greatest exploits of […]

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People around the world have found inspiration in the story of Lance Armstrong–a world-class athlete nearly struck down by cancer, only to recover and win the Tour de France, the multiday bicycle race famous for its gruelling intensity. Armstrong is a thoroughgoing Texan jock, and the changes brought to his life by his illness are […]

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Orphaned into the household of her Aunt Reed at Gateshead, subject to the cruel regime at Lowood charity school, Jane Eyre nonetheless emerges unbroken in spirit and integrity. She takes up the post of governess at Thornfield, falls in love with Mr. Rochester, and discovers the impediment to their lawful marriage in a story that […]

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From W. G. Grace to Shane Warne, Twirlymen is an essential look at that most eccentric of cricketers — the spin bowler. They are the masters of deception, the jokers in the pack; illusionists conjuring wickets out of thin air with nothing more than an ambled approach and a wonky grip. Not for them the […]