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At the age of 23, James Frey woke up on a plane to find his front teeth knocked out and his nose broken. He had no idea where the plane was headed nor any recollection of the past two weeks. An alcoholic for ten years and a crack addict for three, he checked into a […]

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Unbalanced hormones play havoc with women’s lives and cause problems ranging from PMS and endometriosis to fibroids, breast cancer and menopausal problems. In BALANCE YOUR HORMONES Patrick Holford explains how, by making simple changes to your diet and lifestyle, you can restore the natural hormone balance in your body and return to a state of […]

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Office Yoga is a survival handbook for the deskbound; a practical manual of simple movements which you can do a few minutes at a time throughout the day, to relieve the tension and stress of sedentary working life. It gives clear instructions and illustrations for sixty stretching and breathing exercises–simple, safe, and fun to do–most […]

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Challenged by a Kashmiri greengrocer in South Kensington, journalist Justine Hardy went to work for The Indian Express in New Delhi. This is an idiosyncratic, funny, and sad tale about writing as an outsider on the inside of a country where the newspapers are still printed on hot-metal machines and deadlines are missed because of […]

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This book highlights attainable spiritual virtues in modern times. To give body and force to the narrations on every topic, authentic information about experiments conducted by eminent world scientists and clairvoyants is included instead of abstract reasoning/arguments. The book will fascinate the young and the old, Indian and foreigner, Hindu and non-Hindu alike. Cultural symbols […]

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A best-selling course for absolute beginners, Talk has been consistently popular withboth those learning at home and those learning in a class, as well as with tutors. It provides you with a clear, simple and successful way of learning and gives you the best grounding in the basics.

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Follow the medically based but amazingly accessible New High Protein Diet and you will soon programme your body to burn fat without ever having to go hungry. It’s low carbohydrate, but by no means no-carbohydrate and is for anyone who loves good food, as it includes hundreds of fabulous recipes. Follow it and you will:–Control […]

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Sugar is addictive and bad for us – The Sweet Poison Quit Plan by David Gillespie will to cure your sweet tooth When David Gillespie cut sugar from his diet he lost 6 stone – and it kept it off. His secret was discovering that we’re not designed to consume sugar and that unless we […]

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What has made remote, mountainous Tibet and its only real celebrity, the Dalai Lama, so abidingly fascinating to the West? In Virtual Tibet, Orville Schell, one of the preeminent experts on modern China and Tibet, undertakes a strange and wondrous odyssey into our Tibetan fantasies. He recounts the spellbinding adventures of the Western explorers and […]

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Surnames are much more than convenient identity tags; they are windows into our families’ pasts. Some suggest ancestral trades (Butcher, Smith, Roper) or physical appearance (Long, Brown, Thynne). Some provide clues to where we come from (McDonald, Evans, Patel). And some—Rymer, Brocklebank, Stolbof—offer a hint of something just a little more exotic or esoteric. All […]