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When Faith Severn’s aunt was hanged for murder, the reason behind her dark deed died with her. For 30 years, the family hid the truth–until a journalist prompts Faith to peer back to the day when her aunt took knife in hand and entered a child’s nursery.

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New York Times bestselling author Jeffery Deaver’s next blockbuster–an original and riveting standalone thriller told in reverse. The shocking end is only the beginning . . . #1 bestselling author Jeffery Deaver has created the most riveting and original novel of the year-a race-against-the-clock mystery, told in reverse. THE OCTOBER LIST Gabriela waits desperately for […]


Mystery & Adventure

Fool Me Once – Harlan Coben

Rs.499.00 Rs.96.00

If your husband was murdered And you were a witness How do you explain it when he appears on your nanny cam? You thought you trusted him. Now you can’t even trust yourself. Dark secrets and a terrifying hunt for the truth lie at the heart of this gripping new thriller by the ‘master of […]

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We follow Esther Greenwood’s personal life from her summer job in New York with Ladies’ Day magazine, back through her days at New England’s largest school for women, and forward through her attempted suicide, her bad treatment at one asylum and her good treatment at another, to her final re-entry into the world like a […]


Mystery & Adventure

The Brethren – John Grisham

Rs.499.00 Rs.89.00

They call themselves the Brethren: three disgraced former judges doing time in a Florida federal prison. One was sent up for tax evasion. Another, for skimming bingo profits. And the third, for a career-ending drunken joyride. Meeting daily in the prison law library, taking exercise walks in their boxer shorts, these judges-turned-felons can reminisce about […]

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Sean Dillon and his secret intelligence colleagues seek to help the American, Blake Johnson, avenge the death of his ex-wife, a reporter murdered for getting too close to a Mafia story. In London, Beirut and Ireland, the friends contrive to thwart the desperate ambition of Jack Fox.

Rs.399.00 Rs.89.00

Thriller readers can always count on getting extra value from Jeffery Deaver–strong plots, fascinating research, believable characters and plenty of surprise endings. As in The Terminator, the bad guys in The Devil’s Teardrop just won’t quit and they create enough havoc in the last 50 pages to fill a whole new book. Although Deaver’s brilliant, […]

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It is now six years since the secret disaster at Jurassic Park, six years since the extraordinary dream of science and imagination came to a crashing end – the dinosaurs destroyed, the park dismantled, the island indefinitely closed to the public. But there are rumours that something survived. And when a team go to investigate, […]

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The Dog Finally Has His Day! After years of living in Garfield’s supersized shadow, Odie breaks loose with a brand-new book of his own. Sure, the fat cat’s slobbering sidekick may be a few dog biscuits shy of a box, but he’s all heart – or is that all tongue? Odie’s fetched his favorite strips […]


Mystery & Adventure

Bittersweet – Danielle Steel

Rs.350.00 Rs.97.00

India Taylor lived in a world of manicured lawns and neatly-maintained calendars. With four wonderful children, India believed in commitment and sacrifice, just as she believed in Doug, the man she had married seventeen years before. She had chosen this life, not the award-winning career as a photojournalist she once had, and it was a […]

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About the Book: Vedic Mathematics Made Easy All this and a lot more is possible with the techniques of Vedic Mathematics described in this book. The techniques are useful for students, professionals and businessmen. The techniques of Vedic Mathematics have helped millions of students all over the world get rid of their fear of numbers […]

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King Lear, growing old and too tired to reign, decides to divide his realm amongst his three daughters, leaving the largest share to the one who loves him the most. His two eldest daughters, Goneril and Regan, foolish and deceitful children, are rewarded for their insincere flattery. His youngest daughter, Cordelia, however, speaks honestly and […]

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